Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Campaign Weekend

logo1battle for realmgates

41bb198dde651dc00ed4cc5db6235499All across the Mortal Realms…

Corbus Felldark growled as he shifted on his ebony throne. The moat of broken bones that surrounded his citadel, the Acropolis of Misery, proved that there were no longer worthy foes within a thousand miles. This area had little left to offer, and he was bored. Drawn to the nearest window by a sudden flash of white light, Corbus smiled so hard his teeth cracked. As he looked out, the armies of Sigmar poured forth from a pillar of pure white lightning – his long wait for battle was over.

..the forces of Good and ChaosWood Elves Artwork clash…

Avalyn Lightfire dropped from her tree just before it exploded, and sunk up to her knees in a grimy black sludge. The Meadows of Pure Thought had seen better days. The magical arrows she fired felled rank after rank of droning one-eyed horrors, just before she was dragged screaming beneath the slime by the hands of something she couldn’t see.

ABa001_StormcastEternal copy …as Sigmar’s wrath appears in every Realm.

Coldar Bladebreaker blinked as he took in his surroundings. Vast pools of lava stretched into the distance as volcanoes belched great clouds of smoke into an ash-choked sky. Turning his head from left to right, the Lord-Celestant watched his Stormcast Eternals take up their places in the battleline as thousands of screaming Urruk howled and sprinted towards them. The war against Chaos in the Realm of Fire would have to wait.

Empire-Bright-WizardBut Sigmar is not unopposed…

Lorcaz Bitterfellow licked his lips with a forked tongue as he tasted the air. Not good. There was foul sorcery at work here, and worst of all; it wasn’t him. Looking up, he grimaced as a lithe, whip-like figure descended from the sky, held aloft by a purple cloud. At her gesture, a slit opened up in the air beside her, and through this tear in reality nameless horrors began to pour out. Gathering his will inwards, Lorcaz grinned to himself. Two could play at that game.

 120…and the forces of Order must contend not only with Chaos, but Destruction and Death as well.

 “Is there no end to these things?” muttered Grammal Gravelbreath as he brought his hammer down on a bleached bone skull for what felt like the hundredth time. The Realm of Death was no paradise, but he’d be caught dead before he gave up what was his without a fight. “Come on then lads” he bellowed as he bashed another off it’s feet with a blow from his spiked shield. It wasn’t until he clubbed the last of the skeletons off the wall that he noticed the others in his group had gone very, very quiet.

The mortal realms drown in war and we are getting stuck in here at Warhammer World. Prepare yourself as we experience war in all the Mortal Realms with our very first Age of Sigmar Warhammer Campaign Weekend. You will play games in fantastic locations that you have never seen before as the Age of Sigmar gives us a whole new universe to play in.

We will be telling the story of the wars which are occurring as Sigmar sends his Stormcast Eternals to conquer the Mortal Realms. You will be fighting for Chaos or Order (using any army you like) and finding out what happens as the weekend progresses. With unique scenarios, unique warzones and permanent consequences for our Warhammer Campaigns, this weekend is not to be missed.

Battle for the Realmgates Campaign Weekend

A full event pack will be released at a later date (with exciting additions), but if you can’t wait to buy your ticket now, then click the button below to get one now. There is a very strict limit on tickets to this event so don’t wait up!

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Sept 19th & 20th

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