Gal Hallouw’s Eve Campaign Day

KK118C ZOMBIE REGIMENTSaturday 31st October


Warhammer World, Nottingham

What is it? A narrative campaign day. You play 3 games with your own army over the course of the day, telling the story of the night the dead rise again… Gal Hallouw’s Eve. Play fun games and have the chance of winning awards!

What do you need? Bring a force of now more than 35 models.

Who is this for? Warhammer Age of Sigmar hobbyists of all ages and levels.

Cost: Free

The Night of the Unliving 

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Deep in the Realm of Death, it is approaching a most feared time. Every 100 years or so (by the Sigmarite calendar) , the moon above Shyish grows larger large enough to blot out the horizon and the winds of magic blow stronger than ever before.

It is said that on one such night as this some millennia past, the dread Necromancer Gal Hallouw, cursed the land and those that lay in deathly slumber beneath it. Since that fateful eve, every 100 years, the ground bursts forth and the bodies of the slain rise once more to feed on the flesh of the living…

Come and take part in this great fun Campaign Day, run by the Warhammer World Events Team. With twists and turns and some great fun special rules in play, you won’t want to miss this exciting game! Click the button above to download the Event Pack for full information and details. 

Book your place in this exiting battle by ringing the Events Team on 0115 9004994 or the Store on 0115 9004151 now!