Kill Team ( Under 16’s ) Event: Assault on Mining Facility 42

Image result for Kill Team logoThis event is for ages 12 to 16

Parents and guardians should please remember that Games Workshop cannot take legal responsibility or guardianship for children who stay in Warhammer World (for any length of time). That will always remain with parents/guardians of those children. You are welcome to join your less-confident gamers at the table during this event, or let them enjoy themselves while you relax in Bugman’s Bar, or perhaps have your own game!

Mining Facility 42 is situated in the relatively quiet Pandorax system and has long supplied the mighty Imperial machine with vital materials for the never ending war that is the 41st Millennium.

Once a beautiful, luscious jungle world, Mining Facility 42  is now little more then a grey, machine laden world, stripped of it’s natural resources in all but the deepest areas of the planet. The workers have dug deeper and deeper in order to extract every last resource.

The last dig, however, has unleashed something on the planet, something dark and disturbing.

Communications have begun to fail, workers have started to disappear and a dark shadow seems to have fallen upon the world.

The Imperium have dispatched Inquisitor Nos Da to determine it’s fate.

What is to become of Mining Facility 42? 

Will the unknown menace ring it’s death knell on the world?

Or will the forces of the Imperium unmask this evil before it’s too late?


Date: 17th April 2017
Times: 10.00am – 4.00pm
System: Warhammer 40,000. You will need a copy of the Kill Team rules to take part in this event.
Army Size: 200 Points.
Army Selection: All Kill Teams are assembled using the rules presented in the Kill Team expansion on page 6.
Number of Games: 4
This event is for ages 12 to 16

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