Late Nights and Pub Quiz

Want to enjoy extra gaming time, or a themed Pub Quiz?
Join us at Warhammer World for a great evening of hobby!

Warhammer World is open later on some evenings, so you have more time to game, shop, or relax in Bugmans. Some Saturdays we also host a themed quiz in Bugman’s bar. The quiz is open to all Games Workshop fans, so see below for the upcoming quiz dates!

Every Friday and Every Wednesday

All areas of Warhammer World and Bugman’s Bar are open until 10.00pm.

Opening at 10.00am, on Wednesdays and Fridays you can spend 12 hours at Warhammer World!

Bugman’s Bar serves food until 8.00pm, and then Bugman’s Bar, the retail stores, Exhibition Centre and Events Hall all stay open until 10.00pm. It’s perfect to pop in after work or your studies, relax over dinner, then battle the evening away with your mates, so get planning and request a gaming table now!

Selected Saturdays

Usually closing at 6.00pm, Warhammer World and Bugman’s bar sometimes stay open late alongside certain events, or run free evening activities anyone can join in with.

See our full usual opening hours here.