Necromunda Gang War FREE Event


Warhammer World’s first Necromunda event is a FREE one day tournament open to all. Whether you are just starting out on your journey in the hive, or if you are a seasoned ganger with turf and reputation aplenty, get ready to stake your claim from the underhives to the far-reaching spires of Necromunda. In the shadows of the hive, only the strongest endure.

Held from Games Workshop’s very own Warhammer World, each player will play 4 games of Necromunda Gang War on our specially designed Necromunda tables built by the Warhammer World Studio. Expect high-rise buildings set in Sector Mechanicus, heart-wrenching drops and choke points, suitably grim pools of toxic waste and ooze, precarious gangways and vantage points, and even the firing lanes and close confines of Zone Mortalis. Each table will be different, so come prepared to battle on any and all kinds of turf.


DATE: 21st April 2018
SYSTEM: Necromunda Gang War
GANG SIZE: 1,250 Credits
SCENARIOS: Selected on the day from Gang War (pages 52 – 65)
FORMAT: Resurrection – Pre-determined advancements and no Lasting Injuries
PUBLICATIONS IN USE: Necromunda Underhive, Gang War, Gang War II, White Dwarf and the Legacy Gangs PDF. In addition, any publications and PDFs released before the event will be in use unless their release falls on the weekend of the event.


Playing exciting, atmospheric games with fully painted miniatures is a big part of our events at Warhammer World. Therefore all miniatures in your collection must be 100% Games Workshop miniatures and be fully assembled, painted and based. Each model must, where possible, represent what you have presented on your gang roster. This includes all weapons and grenades, but wargear, weapon attachments and special ammunition DOES NOT need to be included (although feel free to model them if you wish).

Furthermore, you need to contact us to let us know about any conversions or proxies you are planning on using, and provide us with photos of the models in question where possible. Don’t worry, we fully appreciate awesome hobby skills and cool models, but we just want to make sure everything is super clear for your opponent and no confusion can arise during games.

We will politely ask you to remove any models that don’t meet these above standards to protect everyone’s experience. If you would like more information on Warhammer World’s model requirements then read our guide here: content/uploads/Model-Requirements.pdf


You will have access to Warhammer World’s available general facilities and services. Tickets for the Exhibition Centre can be purchased separately.

You need to arrange your travel and accommodation if required.

Food and drink is available to purchase on the premises.

Event Information: For more information please contact the Warhammer World Events Team on 0115 900 4994 or email them

For a great experience make sure you’re familiar with the event pack before you attend the event.

Necromunda Table – Sector Mechanicus. Each of these 3’×3′ boards contains different hazards and focal points. Space either side of the table allows cards to be set out.
Necromunda Table – Zone Mortalis. Made from Forge World’s Realm of Battle Zone Mortalis tiles, you can configure this amazing 3’×3′ board to your liking. Space either side of the table allows cards to be set out.