The Blood Bowl 2017 (at Warhammer Fest)

Welcome Sports Fans, to the greatest sporting event in Blood Bowl history. The Blood Bowl
Grand Tournament is here!

Being held at Warhammer Fest, The Blood Bowl GT will be the highlight of your sporting year. 100 Head Coaches will descend to test themselves against one another to ultimately decide who will be the Blood Bowl GT Champion.

If you get a Grand Tournament ticket, you’ll get two days of gaming, and access to Warhammer Fest too, including entry into the Golden Demon Painting Competition on Sunday. What is Warhammer Fest? Find out more here.

Date 27th-28th May

Location: Warhammer Fest, Ricoh Arena

Event Essentials

System: Blood Bowl – the game of fantasy football.
Starting Gold: 1,300,000 Gold Pieces
Number of games: 5
Team Selection: Use the “Creating a Blood Bowl Team” rules in The Blood Bowl “The Official Rules” manual from the Blood Bowl Game boxed set. You may also draft Star Players from the back of this rules pack, as well as Star Players and Coaching Staff as laid down in the Death Zone Season One! Supplement.

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