“The Finishing Touches” Hobby Demonstrations

Thursday 29th October 

3 Sessions 

Warhammer World, Nottingham

What is it? Three hobby demonstration sessions which take you through some great techniques to help you add those finishing touches to your models, really helping them tie in to the universes they come from.

Pick and choose which session you want to attend; or come to all three if you like!

What do you need? Nothing at all; everything is provided.

Who is this for? Anybody who wants to learn how to paint some great scenery kits for their gaming table at home.

Cost: Free


Applying Transfers transfer

The art of applying waterslide transfers to models can be a lot trickier than it looks, especially on Space Marine shoulder pads! Our experts are on hand to show you the tricks and techniques to apply smooth, flat transfers to any Citadel miniature.

Transfers and miniatures to practice on will be provided.



Single_Silver_Triaros_Conveyer-1Weathering Powders

The weathering powders from Forge World are a great way of making your models, especially vehicles, look like they’ve really been through the wars. Come and learn the techniques to use them as we show you how to best apply these powders to your miniatures.

Powders, brushes and miniatures to practice on will be provided.


Sponge Weathering

The painters in the Warhammer World Studio painted hundreds of tanks and vehicles for the various displays in the new Exhibition using a special method of weathering tanks with pieces of sponge. Come and see exactly how we did it and have a go on a few models yourself; it will revolutionise how you paint models!

Sponges, paint, and sample models will be provided.

Spaces on these sessions are limited and we know they will be popular, so book your seat by ringing the Events Team on 0115 9004994 or the Store on 0115 9004151 now!