The Great Assassin Hunt

the-great-assassin-hunt-all-4-explainThe Battle For Angelus Prime is the largest diorama ever built by Games Workshop, and is probably the largest Warhammer 40,000 diorama in the world!

Be first person today at Warhammer World to find an Assassin hiding on The Battle For Angelus Prime, show a member of staff, and you’ll be rewarded with your own Assassin to build and paint, and be recorded here on the website “Scouts” roll of honour!

It could be any one of the four Assassins, so be sharp, and look carefully…

Once found, at the end of the day the Assassin will be redeployed for tomorrow…

angelus prime diorama

Warhammer World Scouts

Here are those eagle eyed Scouts, patient and skilled enough to spot the Assassin while visiting the Exhibition. Will you join their ranks?

14.08.2016 – Polly Jones

19.08.2016 – Alex Moss

25.08.2016 – Guy Baker

08.09.2016 – Rob Harbison

09.09.2016 – Stuart Jackson & Rob Foster “Evil Corporation International”

11.09.2016 – Steve, Morgan and Tate “The Three Ents”

12.09.2016 – Johnathan Woodhouse

19.09.2016 – Pierrick Aimonino

24.09.2016 – Rohan Moss

25.09.2016 – Ash Owens

29.09.2016 – Kern Grant

01.10.2016 – Nathan

03.10.2016 – Elliott Moore

08.10.2016 – Craig Shaw

09.10.2016 – Matthew

11.10.2016 – Ben Pollard

15.10.2016 – Ben Robinson

20.10.2016 – Robin and Guido

21.10.2016 – Alan Goff and Andrew Lamont

06.11.2016 – Daniel Long and Alex Long 

22.12.2016 – Brendan, Laura and Adam