The Hobbit™ Strategy Battle Game Open 2017 (at Warhammer Fest)

The Warhammer Fest The Hobbit™ Strategy Battle Open Tournament is here! Players from around the world will gather to take part in our most prestigious event yet! Excellent generalship, tactical decision-making and a positive approach to the hobby will be in abundance at this event, but only one can be crowned the Warhammer Fest 2017 Open Champion.

The Open Champion will then be invited to play the winner of the Grand Tournament later this year to decide who the Grand Master of 2017 will be!

If you get a Open Tournament ticket, you’ll get two days of gaming, and access to Warhammer Fest too, including entry into the Golden Demon Painting Competition on Sunday. What is Warhammer Fest? Find out more here.

Date 27th-28th May

Location: Warhammer Fest, Ricoh Arena

Event Essentials

Army: Each player will need 1 x fully painted and based army of no more than 500 points of Good models, and  1 x fully painted and based army of no more than 500 points of Evil models.
Scenarios: New Points Match scenarios (made available nearer to the event) More details to be revealed soon!
Number Of Games: 6

Contact Us

If you have read the event pack and want to ask us anything at all about this or any of our other events, why not get in touch?

Phone: 0115 900 4994