The Hobbit: Motion Picture Trilogy™ Strategy Battle Game Grand Tournament 2018

Greetings, master Hobbits, and welcome to the pack for the much-awaited return of the Middle-earth™ Strategy Battle Game Grand Tournament. With a rich history of mixing friendly competition with camaraderie and promising to play host to some incredible armies, the Grand Tournament is a true test of your skills of generalship, tactics, army design and strategy. The title of The Champion of Middle-earth for 2018 will be bestowed upon the winner of the Grand Tournament; have you got what it takes?

Event Essentials

Date: 24th – 25th February 2018

Number of Games: 6
Army Size: Each player will need each of the following:
1 x fully painted and based army of no more than 700 points of Good models
1 x fully painted and based army of no more than 700 points of Evil models
Army Selection: Use the “Choosing An Army” guide on page 100—101 of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey™ rules manual.

Army List: You will need to hand in printed versions of both of your army lists when you register at the event along with a copy for each of your opponents.
Your armies cannot change throughout the weekend.
Additional: All models in your collection must be comprised entirely of Citadel and/ or Forge World miniatures and be fully assembled, painted and based. Each model must fully represent what you have presented on your army list, including armour, weapon options, mounts, banners etc.
Scenarios in Use: New Points Match scenarios (made available nearer to the event)

Included in the ticket price is a freshly cooked lunch in our restaurant on both days. All dietary requirements catered for, and there will be a varied menu on offer. Attendees from the Shire may be glad to hear that Bugman’s Bar can provide second breakfast, elevenses, afternoon tea or supper upon request, at very reasonable prices.

Exhibition Entry:
Players attending this event may enjoy the exhibition at no additional cost over the weekend.

Code of Conduct:

At Warhammer World, we place great emphasis on playing excellent games of Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game with like-minded people at the home of Games Workshop.

Therefore we expect players to play each game with a certain code of conduct to support this. When you arrive at your table for a game, greet your opponent, introduce yourself, offer them a copy of your army roster and start the game promptly. We then expect players to treat each other positively and demonstrate good sportsmanship. After all, part of your Grand Tournament score is based on doing just this! .

We expect all players to see the game through to the very end and not concede, as doing so can impact tiebreakers and, ultimately, the final rankings. In the unlikely event that a player does concede before the game has reached its natural conclusion, then the conceding player earns a loss, no extra victory conditions (e.g. killed the enemy Leader), and zero victory points. The winning player records a crushing victory – which counts as a win and maximum extra victory conditions achieved! Thus the winner would record six points for their Grand Tournament score, and also record killed the enemy Leader and maximum victory points for that game.