Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Campaign Weekend

19th – 20th September 2015

A weekend of exciting Age of Sigmar games, intense action and friendly rivalry awaits – The Realmgate wars have begun and even the walls of Warhammer World shake to the sounds of battle. This weekend we are going to visit war of unprecedented scale upon the Mortal Realms and decide the fate of nations, continents and the lives of countless warriors. Cities will burn, dynasties will be destroyed and the very walls of reality may crumble before the onslaught. Are you prepared?
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What will I need to bring?

You can bring as many models as you want and use up to 100 of them in each game. You will play five games over the weekend in Warhammer World, with each game lasting two and a half hours.    

Also, you can use any Warscrolls currently available to form your armies.

fantasyWhat is the weekend about?

This weekend is a story driven gaming event where you will get the chance to play five narrative games against like-minded opponents. Each game will impact upon the next and as the weekend progresses you will see the full impact of your wins and losses both on your faction and your forces.

What can I expect to take part in?

As well as fun games, we will be rewarding beautifully painted armies and miniatures, acts of outstanding sportsmanship and any deed that makes games more enjoyable for your opponent. We are celebrating everything that is relaxed and fun about Age of Sigmar – themed games and fantastic sportsmanship over win-at-all-costs gaming. Please do be aware that this is not a tournament – there is no ‘first place’ prize – this is all about the story!



Well this all sounds great – how do I get involved?

That is the easiest part – simply click the button below and it will take you straight to our ticket website where you can buy a ticket to the event. Once you have your ticket your place is assured – then all you need to do is get your armies ready and prepare for war!

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