The Red Thirst

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12th-13th November

Warhammer World, Nottingham

Tickets on sale: September 5th

The FlawRed Thirst pic

The Blood Angels are a Chapter with a dark secret. The Flaw, a genetic instability that drives them to murderous acts of bloodlust, has proven to be an unconquerable foe. Corbulo, master apothecary and leader of the brotherhood of the Sanguinary Priests, has made it his personal quest to eradicate this degenerative impurity before his beloved Chapter are devolved and disgraced in the eyes of His Emperor. His foresight and vision have long led the Chapter to innumerable
victories. Blessed by visions of the future, and desperate to cure the Flaw, his long quest has brought him to a desolate region of space called the Erycos Cluster. Corbulo hopes that this region of space (long considered dead and worthless by the Imperium at large), holds the secret to curing his Battle Brothers forever. But fate is not a kind mistress, and the forces of Chaos have already begun to move against him…

Campaign Weekends:

A Campaign Weekend is just that – a series of games played over a weekend to determine the result of a story. At this weekend you will be playing games of Warhammer 40,000 against a variety of opponent’s to see if Corbulo, High Sanguinary Priest of the Blood Angels, will succeed or fail in his quest. Khorne_Daemons_Bloodthirster

Not only that, but this weekend will host a variety of new features – not least of which is that when units die in battle, they will not be available for the remainder of the weekend, requiring you to dip into available resources to replace them! In addition you will be able to see your army progress as your units gain experience and new skills while you battle across the desolate wastes of the Erycos Cluster.

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Event Essentials

  • This is a ‘Singles’ Event – so this weekend you will playing as a lone warrior against all the odds.
  • You’ll need a minimum total of 1750 points and a maximum total of 2,500 points (as reserves) to take part in this event. Of course, all your models must be from Warhammer 40,000, as well as fully painted and based. This is further explained in the event pack (which is coming soon).
  • You will play 5 games over the weekend against randomly selected opponents.
  • Ticket covers entry to the event, as well as lunch in our restaurant on both Saturday and Sunday and go on sale on the 5th of September.
  • The full event pack will be available by Monday the 5th of September so click the link above to read it on that day for the full details of the event.

Tickets and Information

Ticket Information: Tickets for Warhammer World’s events are available as e-tickets. You can find out more about our e-tickets here, and buy yours here.

Your ticket covers access to Warhammer World’s available general facilities and services, and tickets for the Exhibition Centre can be purchased on the day.

You need to arrange your own travel and accommodation if required.

Event Information: For more information please contact the Warhammer World Events Team on 0115 900 4994 or email them on

For a great experience make sure you’re familiar with the Event Pack for this event before you attend the event! It will be made available on Monday the 5th of September.