The Reign of Blood

Date: 28th and 29th May

Warhammer World, Nottingham

Tickets on sale: 14th March

Skarbrand and the Reign of Blood1443302211508

Skarbrand has long been a broken warrior. His mind, ravaged by Khorne’s displeasure, isshattered and knows nothing but incessant fury. His killing rage is infectious and drives others around him to excesses of bloodletting, no matter they be friend or foe. Sometimes, when such warriors spend too much time slaughtering all around them, their will eventually breaks and what is left behind is a shell much like the fallen Bloodthirster himself – a vessel for naught but Khorne’s murderous lust for battle.

In a distant sector of space Skarbrand has begun another bout of mindless butchery. Foolishly
summoned by a Chaos Cult known as the Blooded Hand, the mighty Greater Daemon has begun a rampage that will continue until he is banished from this plane of existence. If it continues for too long, or the scale of killing reaches a certain threshold, the entire sector will be lost to mindless carnage, bringing with it an era of permanent violence and worship of the Blood God Khorne – the Reign of Blood.

Assembled against this dire fate is the Alliance of Purity. Led from the shadows by the Inquisition under the aegis of the Grey Knights, they have a difficult task – contain the damage being done by the Cult of the Blooded Hand and banish the Greater Daemon Skarbrand. No simple mission certainly, and they must accomplish this before their sanity is eroded and they too suffer the same fate as the mindless hordes of the Bloodbound.

Campaign Weekends

USM(threshold = 3; radius = 1.0; amount = 125%) standard: Cromalin¨ CP2 Matte (v3.5) created by Cromalin¨ PP v3.5

Campaign Weekends are the epitome of story-driven, narrative games. Over the course of the weekend you will have to choose what Faction to champion and once you have declared your allegiance, all your game results will go towards your overall Faction’s goal – be it escape or capture. Players of any level of experience are welcome at these events, as camaraderie and fun are the highest priority over anything else – it is possible to lose every game yet still complete your hidden objectives, secret missions or whatever else your Faction Leaders will have you getting up to at these weekends.

So if you like relaxed games, themed missions and lots of fun, bizarre twists to your games as well as utterly unexpected developments, then this is the weekend for you.

Event Essentials

  • This is a ‘Singles’ Event – so you will playing as an individual.
  • You’ll need a 1776 point fully painted Warhammer 40,000 army.
  • Play 5 games over the weekend against randomly selected opponents.
  • Ticket covers entry to the event, as well as lunch in our restaurant on both Saturday and Sunday and go on sale soon.
  • The full event pack will be available as soon as possible – the temporary one has the all the same information though so feel free to work from that for now!

Tickets and Information

Ticket Information: Tickets for Warhammer World’s events are available as e-tickets. You can find out more about our e-tickets here, and buy yours here.

Your ticket covers access to Warhammer World’s available general facilities and services, and tickets for the Exhibition Centre can be purchased on the day.

You need to arrange your own travel and accommodation if required.

Event Information: For more information please contact the Warhammer World Events Team on 0115 900 4994 or email them on

For a great experience make sure you’re familiar with the Event Pack for this event before you attend the event, which will be released next week!