The Return to Vigos Participation Game

Tau WarriorMonday 19th October 


Warhammer World, Nottingham

What is it? Large Participation game of Warhammer 40,000. Multiple players around one large table playing a game run by Warhammer World Staff

What do you need? Bring up to 500 points of Warhammer 40,000 miniatures.

Who is this for? Warhammer 40,000 hobbyists of all ages and levels. Don’t worry if you’re not sure of the rules of the game; our staff will be there to help you out.

Cost: Free

An Imperial force from the Officio Diplomaticus has landed on the planet Vigos to begin negotiations with the Tau conclave stationed there. Their aim is to gather information on the Dark Eldar after the horrendous attack there some years ago. As the fragile talks begin, both parties are interrupted by the loud Orbital Intruder alerts; something has followed the Imperials here. 

Play on the awesome Vigos table and help attack or defend the Research Station

As the Tau begin to man their weapons platforms, a terrifying invasion force of aliens and Chaos Worshippers charge out of a Webway Portal and attack the planet. The fate of Vigos hangs in the balance…

Come and take part in this great fun participation game, run by the Warhammer World Events Team. With twists and turns and some great fun special rules in play, you won’t want to miss this exciting game! 

Book your place in this exiting battle by ringing the Events Team on 0115 9004994 or the Store on 0115 9004151 now!