Campaign Weekend: The Word of the Sigillite

A Horus Heresy Campaign Weekend

23rd-25th June

All of our gaming events are all about fun, friendly battles in a relaxed atmosphere. You’ll get to play some great games against other like-minded players in the unique atmosphere of the spectacular Warhammer World Events Hall.

This event is especially exciting, as you will register as a team of four and play a variety of games, as individuals, doubles and even a game as a full team!

Additionally, in order to pack in more story, this event will run over three days, starting in the evening of Friday the 23rd of June!

Campaign Weekend’s are narrative based events, where telling the story of the setting is the focus. A great way of totally immersing yourself in the rich backgrounds of Games Workshop’s universes, Campaign Weekends let you experience the hobby in a unique way. Expect twists, turns, unexpected events and big revelations, while totally indulging your hobby.

The Horus Heresy

The Horus Heresy was the Imperium’s darkest hour. Horus, greatest of all, turned his back on the Emperor and led a bloody rebellion in a bid to rule the Galaxy in the name of the Dark Gods.

The Space Marine Legions, once the most respected and admired of mankind’s warriors became figures of terror as the Traitor Legions rampaged across the galaxy, the darkness in their souls growing with every victory.

In the end, Horus and his rebels were stopped, but the galaxy lay in ruins and the Imperium has never been the same since.

The Shadow War

The Shadow War was a time during the Horus Heresy where the Legions engaged in an all out war across the edge of the Solar Segmentum. It was a time of titanic battles as the Traitor Legions swept all before them on the road to Terra. Trying to hold back the tide were the Legions still loyal to the Golden Throne and they fought tenaciously even as they were slowly driven back. This engagement lasted years and eventually became known as the Shadow War – a war as bitter as any that have followed since.
This is a story of those times, where forces loyal to both the Warmaster and the Master of Mankind clash over dwindling resources on the planet of Argus after a colossal battle initially decimates both sides. Both factions prepare to withdraw when the Loyalists receive word from Terra – Malcador the Sigillite has made it clear that the planet cannot be abandoned at this time and that every effort must be made to consolidate and defend it for as long as possible. The word of the Sigillite cannot go unanswered and, though weary from battle, the Loyalists dig in, ready to do their duty or die in the attempt.

The Word of the Sigillite

In the face of fresh defiance, the forces of the Warmaster briefly falter until they intercept communications from Terra that hint at hidden resources as yet untapped by either side which the Sigillite is eager to acquire.  Hungry for vengeance and wishing to bring the Warmaster only tales of outright victory, the Traitors prepare for a gruelling war over swiftly vanishing resources.
Both sides begin this campaign broken and ruined by the previous war and it is up to each player to ally into teams of four and discover what secrets are held by both the planet of Argus and Malcador the Sigillite.
Choose your side and take up arms as you enact or defy the Word of the Sigillite.


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System: Warhammer 40,000 using the Horus Heresy expansion and rules set.

Army Size: Each team of four must bring a fully painted and based Horus Heresy armies worth a variety of points detailed in the event pack. Make sure to download it and read it fully! 

Number of games: 6

Army Selection: Use the Army Selection rules found in the appropriate Horus Heresy publication and in some cases, the unique rules laid down in the scenarios.

Scenarios in use: Scenarios will be a mixture of Shadow War scenarios and unique ones. Read the event pack for some details. Not all the scenarios are finished but the ones that are in the event pack!

Publications in use: Current and up to date Horus Heresy publications may and indeed, must, be used at this event.

You can preview some of the scenarios here, just click the links below!