Throne of Skulls: Supremacy

25th – 26th of June 2016

buy ticket ButtonWarhammer World, Nottingham

Throne of Skulls is designed for everyone to come and play, be you a battle-worn veteran of a thousand wars, or a new recruit taking your first steps into the hobby.  The focus at our events is on camaraderie and enjoyment, and we give prizes out based on sportsmanship and hobby prowess. In fact, you could win the famous Throne of Skulls trophy without winning a single game over the weekend; it’s all about displaying a great attitude to your opponents.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in, we hope to see you there!

To Reign Supreme

10 prints-----Raymond Swanland_SM_Codex_cover_A3A new way to play Warhammer 40,000 is always heralded with a glorious fanfare and waves of excitement and here at Warhammer World it is no different. The new set of Tactical Objective Cards are really different and interesting we thought it would be great fun to hold an event using those new cards exclusively.

At this Throne of Skulls, you will need to have your own set of the new Tactical Objective: Supremacy cards, which are available now at your local Games Workshop or here on the Games Workshop web store.

A certain level of tactical acumen may well be required to get the most out of the new Supremacy cards, but here at a Throne of Skulls event, that isn’t really all that important – our focus is always on making sure your opponent enjoys the game as much as you do, so if you are looking for five relaxed games over a weekend of fun, then make sure you get your ticket as soon as they on sale here on April the 4th.

Event Essentials

  • You’ll need a 1650 point fully painted Warhammer 40,000 army.
  • Tickets are available on the 4th of April.
  • Play 5 games over the weekend against randomly selected opponents.
  • You will need to have your own set of the new Supremacy Tactical Objective Cards to use at the event. We will have plenty on our shelves in case you can’t get them before the weekend!
  • Ticket covers entry to the event, as well as lunch in our restaurant on both Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets and Information

Ticket Information: Tickets for Warhammer World’s events are available as e-tickets. You can find out more about our e-tickets here, and buy yours here.

Your ticket covers access to Warhammer World’s available general facilities and services, and tickets for the Exhibition Centre can be purchased on the day.

You need to arrange your own travel and accommodation if required.

Event Information: For more information please contact the Warhammer World Events Team on 0115 900 4994 or email them on

For a great experience make sure you’re familiar with the Event Pack for this event before you attend the event.