Throne of Skulls: The War of The Ring

Welcome to The Hobbit: Strategy Battle Game™ Throne of Skulls; The War of The Ring.

Date: 16-17th September

A Throne of Skulls is a relaxed gaming event, where the focus is on camaraderie and sportsmanship, rather than simple victory alone. You will take part in five games over the course of two days, playing over a variety of tables and against players from hardened veterans to brand new warriors. You are welcome to come along regardless of experience or skill and there will be hearty welcome, worthy of any Hobbit or Dwarf, ready and waiting for you upon arrival.

The War of the Ring

The Throne of Skulls has always been a gaming event that embraces the wild and whacky, and this year we’re going the extra mile by inviting you to join us in something completely new:

Eagle-eyed hobbyists who have a copy of The Hobbit: Motion Picture Trilogy™ There and Back Again, will have noticed the ‘Armies’ section in that sourcebook, which provides special bonuses if you selected specific, thematic armies for your Matched Play games. Ever looking to develop the Strategy Battle Game, and keen to do something exciting for the community, the Middle-earth Team have written a matching set of bonuses for the armies of The Lord of the Rings™ (and the remaining ones from The Hobbit™), for you to try out at this event.

We’ll be making all of these available in a ‘Scenarios and Armies’ document in the very near future.

With an eye to the future of the game, the Middle-earth team will also be holding a short feedback session about these army bonuses in the Staff Restaurant ahead of the awards ceremony, and a small feedback form will be handed out for you to jot down any thoughts you might have!

Event Essentials

System: The Hobbit: Strategy Battle Game

Format: Like all Throne of Skulls events, this is a Singles Event. This means you fight as an individual – a proud and mighty warrior, set to take on comers, armed only with your own wits and skill at the game.

Army Size: 1,000 Points.

Number of Games: 5

Army Selection: Use the “Choosing an Army” guide on page 100 of the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey™ rules manual.

Scenarios in Use: Points Match scenarios which will be provided nearer to the event.