Group Visits

Getting together with like-minded people is one of the greatest things about the hobby, and Warhammer World is the perfect place for a group meet up. If you’re a gaming club, lots of friends scattered across the country, or a school group, a little planning will give you an even better day out.

Find out more below, and for arranging a school visit please also use this helpful document to see what we can offer, and to step by step plan your visit. Click to open the guide: School club trips to warhammer world 2018

Group Tickets for the Exhibition Centre

Groups of 10 or more visitors, booked in advance, receive a discount making adult tickets £6.50 per person. Contact us about your visit in advance, then simply pay for tickets on the day.

Visits by school groups, booked in advance, receive free entry to the Exhibition Centre. The visit needs to be arranged and accompanied by a teacher throughout.

To find out more and arrange your Exhibition Centre Visit, just contact us.

Gaming Tables

From a full-day Apocalypse scale game with all your old gaming gang, through to fast and fun one on one battles, we can book gaming tables for your group to bring their miniatures and enjoy friendly games. Table bookings are available roughly three months in advance.

To ensure that Warhammer World is welcoming for all visitors, we may need to limit the tables a group can book. This is to ensure that groups don’t (unintentionally!) prevent lots of other visitors from getting a game during their visit.

You can find out more and request gaming tables here.

Food and Drink

Bugman’s Bar is a haven to debate post battle what-could-have-beens, discuss favourite displays, and relax and revive. From a refreshing drink and snack, to full hot meals, we can provide.

Because our food is freshly prepared, we’re unable to seat and serve very large groups all at the same time – but we’re happy to discuss how a large group can best enjoy our cooked to order menu.

To find out more and plan your meal with us, please contact us.


We have plenty of car parking spaces, but if you plan to bring a minibus or coach, please let us know in advance, and we can arrange for parking spaces large enough for your needs. We also have the ability to park minibus or coaches on a secondary car park, so you can be dropped off and picked up, with your driver leaving your transport along the road.

To let us know about parking for larger vehicles, please contact us.

Making it Enjoyable for Everyone

Groups can’t charge their members for visiting Warhammer World, taking part in any activities, or games they play here. Our facilities are free to use, and intended for personal enjoyment.

You can take cheesy snaps for your own personal use, to show your friends what they’re missing, but no commercial photography is allowed. We also don’t allow filming on our premises.