Warhammer World: Frequently Asked Questions

To help plan your visit, some of the frequently asked questions are answered here, often with links to helpful parts of the website. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with us and we’ll help.

How is Warhammer World different to my local Games Workshop? What can I do there?

Warhammer World is Games Workshop’s unique visitor centre, based at our global HQ in Nottingham.

  • Battle on our dramatic gaming tables in our Empire castle Events Hall, which welcomes thousands of gamers each year for events and casual games.
  • See miniatures you know and love form our publications and the biggest diorama we’ve ever made, in our Exhibition Centre with 4 exhibition areas packed full of miniatures and displays.
  • Browse 4 retail areas, including the Warhammer World store, the world’s only Forge World and Black Library stores, and Bugman’s merchandise area. Because of our location, our Retail Store is the only one to provide a same day service for almost anything available in stock on the website!
  • Relax in the fabled Bugman’s bar, purveyor of excellent food and drink and provider of exclusive souvenirs.

Warhammer World truly is the home of the hobby!

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How much is entrance to Warhammer World?

Admission to Warhammer World, the stores, Events Hall and Bugman’s Bar is free.
Entrance to the Exhibition Centre is ticketed, with tickets available to purchase on the day.

Some large events mean we have to make Warhammer World ticket entry only, and are closed unless you have bought an event ticket. These days are indicated in red on our calendar here.

What are your opening hours?

See our opening times in full detail here.

Warhammer World is usually open seven days a week, with a few exceptions for Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Some large events mean we have to make Warhammer World ticket entry only, and are closed unless you have bought an event ticket. These days are indicated in red on our calendar here.

Check for any changes to service here, or in the Important News section of the sidebar.

Do I need a ticket, or to book anything in advance?

As long as we are open, you are usually welcome to just walk into Warhammer World and enjoy all of our services, even when an event is happening.

  • Entrance to the miniatures and displays in the Exhibition Centre is ticketed, with tickets available to purchase at Warhammer World.
  • If you’re taking part in one of our ticketed events, you’ll need to purchase a ticket in advance.
  • Some large events mean we have to make Warhammer World ticket entry only, and are closed unless you have bought an event ticket. These days are indicated in red on our calendar here.
  • If you’re coming to enjoy your own game then we suggest you contact us in advance to check table availability and to request your gaming table.

How long does a visit to Warhammer World take?

Some people drop by for a few hours; others spend a few days… so how long would you like your visit to take?

If you place a same day delivery order in the retail store, pick up ideas from the Exhibition centre, admire the tables in the Events hall, chat with staff and enjoy the delicious Bugman’s food, you’ll easily fill half a day. If you bring armies for gaming, hobby projects to work on, or get involved in an event, then a full day or longer lies ahead of you!

What can non-hobbyists do?

Many non-hobbyists are pleasantly surprised by how much they enjoy visiting Warhammer World, as they see how excited their friends and family are, and the gaming tables and Exhibition displays show what a highly skilled and creative hobby it is.

Also, Bugman’s offers excellent cakes and coffee, and a free WiFi connection, so is a perfect place to relax and indulge, while the gaming takes place next door.

Is there an age limit for Warhammer World?

Games Workshop’s miniatures and games are intended for age 12 +, but visitors of any age are welcome! Our ticketed events give details for any age guidelines or restrictions where necessary. Visitors 16 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult while in the Exhibition Centre.

Games Workshop cannot take legal responsibility or guardianship for children who stay in Warhammer World (for any length of time). That will always remain with parents/guardians of those children. Please consider this before leaving any children you are responsible for at Warhammer World.

Warhammer World is an open public venue, and also a licensed premises. Our staff are always happy to help, and we have CCTV to provide extra customer security, but not all areas are staffed at all times.

Can I meet or get an autograph from… ?

We’re often asked if we can arrange meeting a member of Games Workshop staff. The folks who write, design, create and paint, and the people you see on Warhammer TV and YouTube are all busy working, so can’t take time out to come and say hello – they would never get any work done!

If you want to meet our creative teams to pick their brains or just let them know you love what they do, look out for events like Open Days, Warhammer Fest and other large events.

Can I take photographs, film or interview at Warhammer World?

You can take cheesy snaps for your own personal use, to show your friends where you’ve been, but no commercial use is allowed. By commercial use, we mean anything where you’ll make a profit, so if your blog or YouTube channel has adverts on it, that’s commercial.

We don’t allow any filming on our premises, so please keep to still photography, and not recording.

Warhammer World is here for our hobbyists to enjoy their hobby, and both they and we would rather this wasn’t interrupted. We don’t permit research, reporting or similar on any Games Workshop premises, and ask you to respect this.

What do I need to bring with me?

It’s great to bring someone to enjoy your visit with, and your armies and gaming equipment if you plan to have a battle. Bring your latest hobby project to ask for ideas and advice in the retail store. If coming to an event, check the rules pack and event details for what you’ll need. Don’t forget your camera!

What games can I play?

Only Games Workshop games and certain affiliates can be played on our tables and in Bugman’s Bar – but you can play any edition of the game!

As long as it is a Games Workshop game, or a Games Workshop related game created by a licensed company (like Talisman, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay) the Events Hall and Bugman’s Bar are happy to see you gaming.

Can I borrow an army?

If you need to travel light, you may not be able to bring your army with you. Because everyone has their own preferences for army lists, and it would need a storeroom almost as big as our hobby centre to keep all the variations of miniatures in, we don’t provide armies to borrow.

Can I reserve a gaming table for my visit?

Yes you can! There’s currently no cost to reserve or play on our gaming tables, and your reservation will last all day from when we open to when you decide to finish gaming. Pop to our Request A Table  section to find out more.

How do I get to Warhammer World from the train station, the M1, on the bus…?

We’re based in Nottingham, in the UK, and you can find more details for directions here.

Is Warhammer World accessible?

Warhammer World wants to provide a welcoming and enjoyable experience for all of our visitors who are interested in the hobby, or perhaps accompanying someone else who is!

  • If you require the assistance of a carer, they receive free entry to the Exhibition Centre.
  • Disabled parking spaces are available close to the main entrance.
  • Assistance dogs of all kinds are welcome. No other animals are allowed inside the venue.
  • A lift is provided at the main entrance for those with mobility issues or pushchairs. It requires manually opening the door, and holding down a button while the lift is in operation.
  • There are stairs in the Exhibition Centre, but staff can advise on a route which avoids these, and still allows full access to all areas.
  • All stairs have handrails.
  • Other than the automatic front doors, all internal doors are manually operated, and need to be pushed/pulled.
  • We have accessible toilets in the entrance and Bugman’s Bar.
  • If you would rather have a chair with a back at your gaming table, instead of a stool, please ask staff to arrange a swap.
  • When booking a gaming table, if you would like it to be located for ease of access, or a quieter space, please just ask and we will endeavor to arrange this for you.

If you do have any concerns about visiting Warhammer World, please let us know and we’ll help you plan your visit.

Can I buy Forge World, Black Library books and Direct models?

Warhammer World has three stores, with the Warhammer World store and the world’s first Black Library and Forge World specialist stores. As well as carrying a huge range of Black Library and Forge World products, they have exclusive merchandise and special products created only for Warhammer World.

Warhammer World is the only place where you can order all of our direct only products as well! If what you want isn’t in store, simply chat with staff before 2.00pm to place your order, and they’ll let you know when your order will be available to pick up that day. Find out more here.

Is there anything unique I can buy?

Coming to Games Workshop HQ is a very special trip, you may travel miles to be here and it may be the chance of a lifetime! Bugman’s Bar, Forge World, Black Library and the Warhammer World store all have a range of unique merchandise only available here so you can prove to others that you made the journey and have been to the font of all hobby.

Can I get food & drink?

Bugman’s is a fully licensed bar providing a range of sweet and savory snacks, filling food and drinks. Be it hot chocolate or a beer, cake or pizza, you’ll be refreshed and ready for battle, or able to relax after a long day!

As with most bars, we ask that you don’t bring your own food or drink. See more details on their page.

Where can I find event information?

For upcoming events being run at Warhammer World, you can find links to details here. We have large gaming and hobby events, as well as special Open Days and celebrations.

We also have small groups arrange their own meetings and games using our gaming tables, so you can also check with your local gaming club for details of any visits they are arranging.

Where can we stay in Nottingham?

Warhammer World is just outside the city centre, so you have lots of choices for accommodation. Castle Marina offers the nearest chain hotel accommodation, within a few minutes walk.

The best way to find something in your price and comfort range is to look on Nottingham Tourist Information www.experiencenottinghamshire.com. Their where to stay option allows you to select your type of accommodation, then put in our postcode, NG7 2WS, and choose how close you wish to stay to us.

Can we visit in fancy dress?

If you want to game at an event dressed as the general for your army, or just show your love of a certain character, we do have some rules.

  • Costumes must be inspired by or relate to the worlds and universes created by Games Workshop.
  • Costumes must not be comprised, in whole or in part, of any real (or realistic) equipment of any military unit in existence after 1900. This especially applies to camouflage clothing, helmets etc. Costumes that indicate allegiance or affiliation with any real political or military movement are strictly forbidden.
  • Costumes must not utilise, in whole or in part, any real, scaled or replica weapons.
  • Costumes must be designed with health and safety and public decency in mind.
  • You may be asked to alter or remove any unacceptable costume and/or accessories.

How can I contact someone at Warhammer World?

You can get hold of us by telephone, email or written letter, using details on our contact page.