Warhammer 40,000: The Battle of Dimmamar Campaign Day

dIMM PACK COV 2Sunday 20th December


Warhammer World, Nottingham

What is it? A narrative campaign day. You play 4 games with your own army over the course of the day, telling the story of the Imperial Taskforce sent to the Death World of Dimmamar and the Chaos forces they encounter.

What do you need? A 750 point Warhammer 40,000 army.

Who is this for? Warhammer 40,000 hobbyists of all ages and levels.

Cost: Free

The Death World of Dimmamar 

Deep in the Segmentum Obscurus lies the unexplored planet of Dimmamar, designated a Death World by the Imperium. The atmosphere is humid, the very soil poisonous and amongst the  indigenous life can be found huge carnivorous plants, fierce predatory animals and countless swarms of blood-sucking insects. 

Three days ago, a strange power source was detected below the surface of Dimmamar by a Demiurg  scanning crew. A taskforce, spearheaded by the 2nd Catachan Jungle Fighters, experts on death world exploration has been sent to to establish  the nature of the power source. Led by the Infamous Colonel “Iron Hand” Straken, their mission is to investigate and report back to the Ordo Xenos quickly.

But as they make planetfall and establish Command HQ, it becomes obvious they are not alone on the planet. Agents of Chaos and their allies watch from the shadows, waiting to launch their attack. With no time to ascertain the reason for their presence, Straken  orders his army to arm themselves and make ready…

Events Pack ButtonCome and take part in this great fun Campaign Day, run by the Warhammer World Events Team. With twists and turns and some great fun special rules in play, you won’t want to miss this exciting event!

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