Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Season Of Sowing


The Season of Sowing is a one day Warhammer Age of Sigmar gaming event. Featuring a relaxed atmosphere inherent to gaming at Warhammer World, it’s a perfect introductory event for budding Age of Sigmar generals or for those new to tournaments. If you are just starting out on your journey to conquering the Mortal Realms, but haven’t yet taken your place beside Sigmar, Archaon or Nagash, then gather your forces to do battle against like-minded hobbyists at the fabled home of Warhammer. Your quest for glory, fame and the spoils of war starts here!


Date: Sunday 4th March 2018.
System: Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Matched Play.
Army Size: A 1,500 point Battlehost.
Battleplans: Randomly determined Pitched Battle battleplans from General’s Handbook 2017.
Number of games: Three.
Publications in use: All current and in-print Warhammer Age of Sigmar battletomes, Grand Alliance books, warscroll compendiums (including those from Forge World), General’s Handbook 2017, and any warscrolls and warscroll battalions with a Pitched Battle profile, unless their release falls on the weekend of the event. We expect you to use the most current warscrolls for your models – e.g. those found in a battletome rather than a Grand Alliance book or warscroll compendium.
Other activities: Painting competitions and tickets available to purchase for our miniatures exhibition.
Lunch and refreshments: Available to purchase from Bugman’s Bar, our Dwarf themed tavern!


Playing exciting, atmospheric games with fully painted miniatures is a big part of our events at Warhammer World. Therefore all miniatures in your collection must be 100% Games Workshop miniatures and be fully assembled, painted and based. Each model must fully represent what you have presented on your army roster (including all weapons and equipment).

Furthermore, you need to contact us to let us know about any conversions or proxies you are planning on using, and provide us with photos of the models in question where possible. Don’t worry, we fully appreciate awesome hobby skills and cool models, but we just want to make sure everything is super clear for your opponent and no confusion can arise during games.

We will politely ask you to remove any models that don’t meet these above standards to protect everyone’s experience. If you would like more information on Warhammer World’s model requirements then read our guide here.


You will have access to Warhammer World’s available general facilities and services. Tickets for the Exhibition Centre can be purchased separately.

You need to arrange your travel and accommodation if required.

Food and drink is available to purchase on the premises.

Event Information: For more information please contact the Warhammer World Events Team on 0115 900 4994 or email them whworldevents@gwplc.com

For a great experience make sure you’re familiar with the event pack before you attend the event.