Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Triumph & Treachery II

This is a fantastic two day Age of Sigmar Triumph & Treachery themed event using the Triumph & Treachery missions found inside the Generals Handbook. This event sees the return of a very unique additional phase known as the Negotiation Phase (more on that later).

Do you seek divine power? A gift from the gods? Many a warrior comes seeking power and glory! A warrior must  choose his friends wisely as treachery is behind every corner. Dare you trust those close to you? Are you willing to break your word in the search for power?

Several armies have converged on the same battlefield, each determined to capture it for themselves. All are hated foes, and there can be only one winner. Each general must use their resources wisely, choosing the best time to make an alliance, and the best time to break it if needed. Are you ready?

Date: 21st & 22nd October
System: Warhammer Age of Sigmar Matched Play
Army Size: 1000 points per player using the Matched Play rules found in the Generals Handbook. Each player will use the Vanguard restrictions when creating their 1000 points lists
Number of games: 5
Army Selection: Only warscrolls with a Pitched Battle Profile may be used at this event, which includes any new releases from Games Workshop which have a Pitched Battle Profile, Pitched Battle Profiles in the current General’s Handbook and any Forge World warscrolls with a Pitched Battle Profile.
Scenarios in use: Triumph and Treachery battle plans presented in the General’s Handbook.
Publications in use: The most up to date Warhammer Age of Sigmar publications from Games Workshop including Black Library and White Dwarf. The most up to date Forgeworld publications are in use and you will need a copy of the most up to date General’s Handbook for this event.
Lunch: Lunch is provided on both days of the event.