Warhammer Doubles Campaign Weekend

7th – 8th November 2015

A brand new gaming event comes to Warhammer World – a Doubles Campaign Weekend! Without a doubt one of our most exciting events, not only will you get to take your armies to the battlefield in fun, narrative games, you will do so shoulder to shoulder with a stalwart ally. Story driven gaming in the Age of Sigmar like you’ve never experienced it before awaits at Warhammer World this November.

More information on the weekend and how it will work can be found in the Event Pack here.

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NurgleWhat is the weekend about?

This weekend is a story driven gaming event where you will get the chance to play five narrative games against like-minded opponents in teams of two. Each game will impact upon the next and as the weekend progresses you will see the full impact of your wins and losses both on your faction and your forces. You must choose between two Factions at the weekend, the forces of Life or Decay. Your actions will then directly affect which side wins the war at Life’s End – an area of powerful magic located deep within the Realm of Life.

What will I need to bring?Wood Elves Book Cover

Your team can bring as many models as you want and use up to 100 of them in each game.You will play five games over the weekend in Warhammer World, with each game lasting two and a half hours.    

Also, you can use any warscrolls currently available to form your armies.

What can I expect to take part in?

We will be running narrative games of Warhammer – Age of Sigmar. These games are designed to show off how fun the game can be when the objective of both sides is to tell a fantastic story. Will you be tasked to defend a broken Realmgate while an unlimited horde of enemies bear down upon you or will you be asked to launch on a ruined temple to find a magical artefact that can open a Realmgate? The only way to find out is paint your models, buy your ticket and turn up on the weekend, ready for action!

By Sigmar’s Hammer this sounds amazing – how do I get involved?

That is the easiest part – simply click the button below and it will take you straight to our ticketbuy ticket Button website where you can buy a ticket to the event. Once you have your ticket your place is assured – then all you need to do is get your armies ready and prepare for war!

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