Reasons to Visit

Warhammer World is the home of the Games Workshop hobby, our visitors centre, and inspirational destination for collectors and gamers across the globe! With so many things to see and do, here’s your one stop to start planning all the amazing things you’ll do on your visit to us.

Experience the Exhibition Centre

  • Start with some cabinets of classic Citadel miniatures, to whet your appetite before…
  • 4 exhibition areas packed with thousands of Citadel and Forge World miniatures, painted by the renowned ‘Eavy Metal, Army Painter and Forge World teams.
  • 24 specially built display boards featuring over 20,000 miniatures.
  • Regularly changing Guest Displays with miniatures painted by talented members of the painting community.
  • The Battle For Angelus Prime: The biggest display board Games Workshop has ever created – has to be seen to be believed!

Find out more about the Exhibition Centre here.

Browse the Retail Stores

Here at the Visitors centre we have three retail stores, including the world’s only Forge World and Black Library stores . Each store has an amazing selection of products including lots of exclusives that can not be found anywhere else in the world.

Warhammer World

The same great services as Games Workshop’s other stores, and some special features!

If what you want isn’t on the shelves; Make a same day order.

Pick up Exclusive merchandise and miniatures, to prove you made it to Warhammer World.

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Black Library

Browse the only dedicated Black Library bookshop for novels, novellas and short story collections.

You can find signed books, limited editions, art prints, and sometimes even meet the authors at book signing events!

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Forge World

Admire Forge World’s miniatures in the ‘flesh’ and purchase a huge selection of the range directly.

Get Exclusive Forge World miniatures, and items usually exclusive to events, such as T-shirts, art prints, mugs, messenger bags and more.

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Battle in the Events Hall

At the heart of Warhammer World is the Events Hall – our inspiring Empire castle courtyard packed with gaming tables for you to battle over. Gaming tables are free to request, reserve and use. Book in advance, bring an opponent, your miniatures, and your gaming equipment, and you’re all set for battle when you arrive here!

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We also run regular events, where you can meet and game with other hobbyists, and also admire amazing armies.

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Relax and Revive in Bugman’s Bar

You’ve enjoyed the exhibition, browsed the stores, and perhaps engaged in battle, so Bugman’s Bar is your place to relax and revive with food and drink. From a quick snack to a full meal, Bugman’s offers a wide range, and you can admire artwork, weapons and artifacts – perhaps even sit in a Dwarf throne!

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Plan Your Visit

Check our opening hours and  calendar to find a day that suits your plans, and our service changes to see if anything will be different when you visit. Bringing a group? Check how we can help you plan a great day for group visits. Look through the frequently asked questions for more details which might help you plan a day out, and contact us if you need to know anything else!