The Events Hall

At the heart of Warhammer World is the Events Hall – our inspiring Empire castle courtyard packed with gaming tables, including amazing feature tables with specially built scenery!

Wage War!

Bring your mates and have your own games. Gaming tables are free to request, reserve and use. Book in advance, bring an opponent, your miniatures, and your gaming equipment, and you’re all set for battle when you arrive here!

To request a table, click here.

Join an Event

We also hold our gaming events here, where you can meet and game with other hobbyists, and also admire amazing armies. With events for individuals, teams of two, teams of four, narrative driven weekends… there’s something for you.

To find out more, click here.

Even if you can’t bring miniatures and enjoy a game, you’ll see plenty to inspire your own gaming board at home, and probably some great miniatures in use by other gamers – a battle at Warhammer World is a great time to show off your collection!