The Warhammer World Store

The Warhammer World Store offers the same great services as our other retail stores, and some special features you can only find here!

Same-Day service – our factory to your hands!

warhammer world storeThe Warhammer World Store offers a unique same-day service. When you’re visiting us, if there is any Citadel product you want which is on the website but isn’t on our shelves, we can check it’s in stock and get it direct from the source within about three hours.

This exclusive service is available Monday to Saturday, but is not available on Sundays or after 2.00pm. Simply talk to staff when you arrive to arrange your order and check estimated delivery times.

Warhammer World Exclusives

A unique range of exclusive items are available to those visiting Warhammer World. In The Citadel Store we have Citadel miniatures made exclusively for Warhammer World, and two books based on our impressive dioramas, so you can recreate a small bit of these  big battles for yourself.

Warhammer World’s unique merchandise range is regularly updated with new items and designs. Including T-shirts, art prints, mugs, messenger bags and more. Take home a very special souvenir or get a special gift for a fellow Games Workshop fan.

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Warhammer World TankWarhammer World merchandise

And there are two more stores to explore!…

Black Library

The only book store devoted to Black Library! Browse the bookshelves for novels, novellas and short story collections, pick up special items and limited editions.

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Forge World

warhammer world fw storeAdmire Forge World’s miniatures in the ‘flesh’, purchase a huge selection of the Forge World range over the counter, and get items usually only available at events

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For more information on any of these services, please email or call 0115 900 4151 between 10.00am to 6.00pm.